The Lich King Cometh

Night visitations and a party is formed.

SESSION 2: Vestra's adventure truly begins.


The boat ride to Shadowport was truly uneventful. From the boat, Vestra and Grimbaal make their way to Glitterhaugen where she is to meet her barbarian escort in two days time.

While staying at the Shit House Inn, Vestra’s sleep is interrupted nightly. The first time, Vestra is summoned by spirit back to Necropolis. There she stood before the Lich King as he told her some disturbing information about her mission.

The second night, Vestra is awakened by an unexpected visitor in her room, her former lover the Prince of Shadows. The Prince of Shadows confirms that their child is alive and well but will give no other information to Vestra, including the sex of the child. The Prince of Shadows tells Vestra that she will never see the child as it is being protected from it’s own mother. Vestra reminds the Prince that there is no bond stronger than blood and that the child will seek her out.

The next day, Vestra meets her traveling companion, the barbarian TITAN. He is apparently a famous gladiator from Axis that has been commissioned to protect her and ensure her mission is a success. He claims it is just a job but his loyalty is of his own, not an icons. While he does not say much about himself, he seems quite interested in Necropolis.

Grimbaal informs Vestra that the only way to locate the living dungeons that the Lich Knights are trapped in, is to possess the magical compass that is hidden in the Hellhole “Blackfort.” This is where the party heads to.

On their way to Blackfort, the party is attacked by a group of elves. While one of them escaped, the rest were decimated at the hands of the adventurers. Next they were confronted by a patrol of Dretches (mook). Vestra was impressed as the barbarian Titan went into a rage and cut through the ranks of the mook. Again, the party triumphed. Vestra was confident she proved to the barbarian that she was a capable adventurer and that her young age did not equate lack of knowledge.

In the tree line before Blackfort, the party takes rest before they enter the Hellhole.


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