The Lich King Cometh

The Beginning

I carry both enjoyment and curiosity on my first mercenary job. The Orc Lord, while I do not necessarily agree with his position or his politics, has shown me great respect. The Orc Lord respecting me, a human, is intriguing and deserves my nod of acceptance. And while I cannot help but admire the Orc’s immense strength and fearlessness, I also know that I cannot ultimately side with him at the End Game of things, for he can never win. And I do not side with losers. He lacks the intelligence to rule and his opposing Icons know it. He can be the strong arm of a King but never the true King himself.

The Dwarf King, on the other hand, has many admirable qualities, including savvy. He is amazingly strong, charisma that demands respect, as a Dwarf – must drink heavily, and carries a war hammer that I would be honored to swing at his enemies one day! I have agreed to provide him with any helpful information I come across during my journey.

I traveled to Glitterhagen to begin my assignment, offering protection for a young Necromancer named Vestra. She is meek for sure, but has displayed formidable power and was most impressive in our battle with the elves and imps. We continue to travel to the Hell Hole named “The Black Fort”. I am interested to see what else this Lich Lover has up her sleeve and what kind of trouble we can stir up together!


This Lich Lover has much up her sleeves. Let the terror of the joining of our party begin!

The Beginning
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