The Lich King Cometh

The Blackfort

SESSION 3: Into the Hellhole

Resting before entering the Hellhole, Blackfort, the party feels invigorated and ready to secure the compass that will lead them to the living dungeons. Approuching the hellhole, the party is surprised to see a battle at the gates already in place. It appears that humans are in the hellhole and trying to prevent demons from entering the gates. The strangeness of this does not escape Vestra and TITAN; demons are usually trying to escape hellholes, not enter them.

Calling on Titans’ military experience, the party decides to not enter through the gates but seek an alternative way in. They find a sewer gate that they are able to access and enter the hellhole through it.

As they enter, they are confronted by four human guards. Sensing that the guards will provide no answers to them, the party makes short work of them. GGrimbaal informs Vestra that they are in the dungeon Tlerd and that the compass is someplace inside it’s walls. In which direction, the goblin scum cannot say.

The party comes across a group of ghouls. After observing them both undetected and not, the ghouls show little interest in them. The ghouls are occupied with their job of clean up duty, eating the corpses thrown to them from above. A brilliant way to keep a hellhole tidy. The party decides not to confront the hardworking minions and head in a different direction.

After continuing through the dungeon, the party attacks and kills a group of humans. On one of their bodies was a key ring, which opens one of the large doors that blocked their path. Upon entering this door, a battle ensues with Enduring Shields. As the battle escalates, so does the bloodshed. Vestra’s Death’s Gauntlet repeatedly ripped through their defenses as Titan’s strength bashed in their bodies.

The party continues their way through Tlerd…


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