A young Necromancer who has already died once.


16 year old Human Necromancer. Level 1

STR 13 CON 11 DEX 16 INT 20 WIS 14 CHA 20

AC 14 PH 12 MD 17

HIT POINTS 18, RECOVERIES 8 (1d6 per level)

ONE UNIQUE THING: Only soul brought back to full life (no string attached) by the Lich King

ICON RELATIONSHIPS: Lich King 2 positive, Prince of Shadows 1 conflicted.

BACKGROUNDS: Lich Lover 4, Beguiler 4

CLASS FEATURES: Ritual Magic, Wasting Away

RACIAL POWER: Quick to Fight

POWERS & SPELLS: Chant of Endings, Channel Life, Unholy Blast

TALENTS: Cackling Soliloquist, Deathknell, Skeletal Minion

FEATS: Skeletal Minion: Adds escalation die, Deathknell: Heal ally

Equipment: Staff, Hand Cross Bow

Magical Items: Grimbaal’s Bracelet, Lich King Rune


At the age of 15, Vestra gave birth to the her former lover, the Prince of Shadows’ child. Vestra died during child birth. She was brought back to life; Vestra is the the only soul in existence to have been restored and brought in full by the Lich King. She has awoken with power over the undead and has been practicing her arts as the only human living in Necropolis.


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