The Lich King Cometh

A Message to the Cathedral

I hope this letter finds you well, dear!

I am in need of your expertise and as luck would have it, I will be doing an impromptu performance on the open stage at the Holly Wreath in five days. I would love to have a drink with you and catch up. It has been too long since my last visit and I can’t possibly return to Santa Cara without an evening of cheer with you.

Eternally hopeful,


"Medusa's Prey"
A Haiku by Nathaniel Nevermore

Hair of curled snakes laugh
Her eyes penetrate my soul
Now frozen in time

The Blackfort
SESSION 3: Into the Hellhole

Resting before entering the Hellhole, Blackfort, the party feels invigorated and ready to secure the compass that will lead them to the living dungeons. Approuching the hellhole, the party is surprised to see a battle at the gates already in place. It appears that humans are in the hellhole and trying to prevent demons from entering the gates. The strangeness of this does not escape Vestra and TITAN; demons are usually trying to escape hellholes, not enter them.

Calling on Titans’ military experience, the party decides to not enter through the gates but seek an alternative way in. They find a sewer gate that they are able to access and enter the hellhole through it.

As they enter, they are confronted by four human guards. Sensing that the guards will provide no answers to them, the party makes short work of them. GGrimbaal informs Vestra that they are in the dungeon Tlerd and that the compass is someplace inside it’s walls. In which direction, the goblin scum cannot say.

The party comes across a group of ghouls. After observing them both undetected and not, the ghouls show little interest in them. The ghouls are occupied with their job of clean up duty, eating the corpses thrown to them from above. A brilliant way to keep a hellhole tidy. The party decides not to confront the hardworking minions and head in a different direction.

After continuing through the dungeon, the party attacks and kills a group of humans. On one of their bodies was a key ring, which opens one of the large doors that blocked their path. Upon entering this door, a battle ensues with Enduring Shields. As the battle escalates, so does the bloodshed. Vestra’s Death’s Gauntlet repeatedly ripped through their defenses as Titan’s strength bashed in their bodies.

The party continues their way through Tlerd…

Night visitations and a party is formed.
SESSION 2: Vestra's adventure truly begins.


The boat ride to Shadowport was truly uneventful. From the boat, Vestra and Grimbaal make their way to Glitterhaugen where she is to meet her barbarian escort in two days time.

While staying at the Shit House Inn, Vestra’s sleep is interrupted nightly. The first time, Vestra is summoned by spirit back to Necropolis. There she stood before the Lich King as he told her some disturbing information about her mission.

The second night, Vestra is awakened by an unexpected visitor in her room, her former lover the Prince of Shadows. The Prince of Shadows confirms that their child is alive and well but will give no other information to Vestra, including the sex of the child. The Prince of Shadows tells Vestra that she will never see the child as it is being protected from it’s own mother. Vestra reminds the Prince that there is no bond stronger than blood and that the child will seek her out.

The next day, Vestra meets her traveling companion, the barbarian TITAN. He is apparently a famous gladiator from Axis that has been commissioned to protect her and ensure her mission is a success. He claims it is just a job but his loyalty is of his own, not an icons. While he does not say much about himself, he seems quite interested in Necropolis.

Grimbaal informs Vestra that the only way to locate the living dungeons that the Lich Knights are trapped in, is to possess the magical compass that is hidden in the Hellhole “Blackfort.” This is where the party heads to.

On their way to Blackfort, the party is attacked by a group of elves. While one of them escaped, the rest were decimated at the hands of the adventurers. Next they were confronted by a patrol of Dretches (mook). Vestra was impressed as the barbarian Titan went into a rage and cut through the ranks of the mook. Again, the party triumphed. Vestra was confident she proved to the barbarian that she was a capable adventurer and that her young age did not equate lack of knowledge.

In the tree line before Blackfort, the party takes rest before they enter the Hellhole.

The Beginning

I carry both enjoyment and curiosity on my first mercenary job. The Orc Lord, while I do not necessarily agree with his position or his politics, has shown me great respect. The Orc Lord respecting me, a human, is intriguing and deserves my nod of acceptance. And while I cannot help but admire the Orc’s immense strength and fearlessness, I also know that I cannot ultimately side with him at the End Game of things, for he can never win. And I do not side with losers. He lacks the intelligence to rule and his opposing Icons know it. He can be the strong arm of a King but never the true King himself.

The Dwarf King, on the other hand, has many admirable qualities, including savvy. He is amazingly strong, charisma that demands respect, as a Dwarf – must drink heavily, and carries a war hammer that I would be honored to swing at his enemies one day! I have agreed to provide him with any helpful information I come across during my journey.

I traveled to Glitterhagen to begin my assignment, offering protection for a young Necromancer named Vestra. She is meek for sure, but has displayed formidable power and was most impressive in our battle with the elves and imps. We continue to travel to the Hell Hole named “The Black Fort”. I am interested to see what else this Lich Lover has up her sleeve and what kind of trouble we can stir up together!

A meeting with the Lich King
SESSION 1: The beginning of the adventure...

ICON ROLLS: Lich King 5 & 6

Vestra is awaken in her room in the center of Necropolis. A servant of the Lich King informs her that she is to meet him today. Vestra has never met the Lich King even though it was he that brought her back from death. The Lich King is always raising the dead in undeath but Vestra is unique; she is the only one brought back from death by the Lich King fully restored and not under his direct control. How this all happened is a mystery to Vestra. The last memory she had of her former life was giving birth to the Prince of Shadow’s child. The birth was not going well as she was bleeding everywhere and the healer was panicking. Her last memory was the pain of a child exiting her body before the blood entered her vision. It has been a year since her death and rebirth. In her rebirth, Vestra awoke with power over of the dead and has been honing her new skills in Necropolis since.

Today the Lich King has chosen to show himself to Vestra. With all the will she could conjure, Vestra met the Lich King head on, fighting the overwhelming urge to kneel and prostate herself upon his feet. The Lich King gave Vestra no answers but gifted her two items. The first is a bracelet that summons the undead goblin scum, Grimbaal. Grimball is to be Vestra’s guide on her mission from the Lich King. He next gifts her a rune with the symbol of the Lich King, explaining nothing of it’s powers or purpose. And now for Vestra’s mission…

Vestra is to free the three Lich Knights that are imprisoned in three different living dungeons throughout the land. Once these soldiers are free, the Lich King will make his move in releasing the undead from their bonds holding them to Necropolis. There are no more details shared other that Grimbaal will act as a guide and that she is to meet a Barbarian who will act as a body guard to ensure she completes her mission. With that knowledge bestowed upon her, the Lich King disappears and Vestra is left to begin this adventure.

Fighting her way through villagers, making their sacrifices to appease the Lich King, Vestra and Grimbaal reach the shore of Necropolis. There is a small boat waiting there to take them to Shadowport.


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