The 13th Age is a time of Peace and great prosperity in the Dragon Empire. The Archmage’s warding rituals and protective incantations are stronger than ever. However, a generation that would remember a time when danger seemed all too real and seemingly around every corner has passed…Time has softened the memory of how bad things can actually get if vigilance against evil fell victim to complacency. As that is precisely the nature of foolish Humans, this Age feels to the more perceptive and wise of races, to be coming to an end.

Why a race with such a short lifespan that lends itself to the very complacency that perpetually haunts it’s history was left to insure the continued dormancy of the Lich King may forever be known only to the Icons. It is on the shores of Necropolis that the first domino appears to have fallen….and in a fighting pit deep in the realm of the Orc Lord where the second teeters and begins to tip…

Let the yarns be spun as Vestra, a Human Woman Necromancer who happens to be the only Human the Lich King has ever returned to full life instead of raising her in undeath, attempts to fulfill a destiny foreseen by the Lich King himself. With a gift of a holy symbol possessing power yet to be understood, and an undead Goblin Scum companion named Grimbaal she goes forth to awaken the Lich Knights that once led the Lich Kings armies. Her strange connection to the Prince of Shadows has surfaced as well …A secret he holds close about the child they share together….what motives are behind his actions, and what purpose does showing himself now serve?

Spinning further we meet Titan. One of, if not THE largest Human Male Barbarian that walks the Dragon Empire. A famous combatant in the Axis Gladiatorial games, Titan has drawn the attention of the Orc Lord. The Lord makes a proposition to Titan after he succeeded in proving his strength and meddle in the notorious fighting pits. He is to make sure that a Necromancer dispatched from Necropolis succeeds in her tasks. Titan accepts and is gifted a special War Axe named “Sepuk” that seems to have a voice and possible identity, all it’s own. With the Dwarf Kings permission to travel through Undermarch Titan heads to Glitterhaegen where he is to meet this Necromancer…The Dwarf King has shown interest in Titan’s talents as well, and enlists his aid in discovering the truth of the rumors of activity on Necropolis. What will become of Titan serving two diametrically opposed Icons with the end of an Age seemingly looming?

“It’s better in a hell hole
You know where you stand in a hell hole
Folks lend a hand in a hell hole
Girl get me back to my hell hole”

Wiser words from wiser men may never be spoken again.

The Lich King Cometh

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