The Lich King Cometh

A meeting with the Lich King

SESSION 1: The beginning of the adventure...

ICON ROLLS: Lich King 5 & 6

Vestra is awaken in her room in the center of Necropolis. A servant of the Lich King informs her that she is to meet him today. Vestra has never met the Lich King even though it was he that brought her back from death. The Lich King is always raising the dead in undeath but Vestra is unique; she is the only one brought back from death by the Lich King fully restored and not under his direct control. How this all happened is a mystery to Vestra. The last memory she had of her former life was giving birth to the Prince of Shadow’s child. The birth was not going well as she was bleeding everywhere and the healer was panicking. Her last memory was the pain of a child exiting her body before the blood entered her vision. It has been a year since her death and rebirth. In her rebirth, Vestra awoke with power over of the dead and has been honing her new skills in Necropolis since.

Today the Lich King has chosen to show himself to Vestra. With all the will she could conjure, Vestra met the Lich King head on, fighting the overwhelming urge to kneel and prostate herself upon his feet. The Lich King gave Vestra no answers but gifted her two items. The first is a bracelet that summons the undead goblin scum, Grimbaal. Grimball is to be Vestra’s guide on her mission from the Lich King. He next gifts her a rune with the symbol of the Lich King, explaining nothing of it’s powers or purpose. And now for Vestra’s mission…

Vestra is to free the three Lich Knights that are imprisoned in three different living dungeons throughout the land. Once these soldiers are free, the Lich King will make his move in releasing the undead from their bonds holding them to Necropolis. There are no more details shared other that Grimbaal will act as a guide and that she is to meet a Barbarian who will act as a body guard to ensure she completes her mission. With that knowledge bestowed upon her, the Lich King disappears and Vestra is left to begin this adventure.

Fighting her way through villagers, making their sacrifices to appease the Lich King, Vestra and Grimbaal reach the shore of Necropolis. There is a small boat waiting there to take them to Shadowport.


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