An undead goblin scum forced to rise and fight again and again.


Grimbaal is an undead goblin scum brought back to existence by the Lich King himself. When downed in a battle, Grimbaal rises again after the dust settles in a cycle of undead rebirth. He is under the control of whoever wears the magical bracelet that is the catalyst of his power.

Grimbaal’s current mistress is the necromancer, Vestra, the only human to be fully restored from death by the Lich King. The Lich King gifted Vestra with Grimbaal’s Bracelet and instructed Grimbaal to act as Vestra’s guide in upcoming missions.

Vestra finds Grimbaal amusing and therefor treats this goblin scum fairly well. Vestra calls the goblin scum “Grim”, which he appreciates and finds pleasant.



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