"Bard of Horror" Nathaniel Nevermore is secretly the masked assassin known as "The Raven".


NAME: “THE RAVEN” (Nathaniel Nevermore)


STR 16 CON 14 DEX 20 INT 14 WIS 12 CHA 20

AC 15 PD 15 MD 13


ONE UNIQUE THING: I am the only child in the 13th Age to be conceived between two Icons (GM’s choice).
ICON RELATIONSHIPS: (MOM) (Conflicted) +1 (DAD) (Conflicted) +1

BACKGROUNDS: Cathedral Musician (Violin) +3 Traveling Minstrel +5 Professional Assassin +2

TALENTS: Thievery, Smooth Talk, Improved Sneak Attack

RACIAL POWER: Quick to Fight

FEATS: Further Background (2) Improved Initiative (4)

EQUIPMENT: Wicked Knife (short sword), Dagger (lucky carving knife), Leather Armor, Crossbow, Thief Essentials Pouch



As a child,
Nate was considered a prodigy violinist at five years old. When Nate was 10, he was asked to be a regular violinist at the Cathedral in Santa Cora. As word of his talent spread, Nate was eventually asked to perform for the Emperor during a celebration in Axis. During this time, Nate suffered from sleepless nights dealing with terrible nightmares.

As a teenager,
Nate took up writing and found he had great skill in storytelling. He created poems, plays, stories, and songs and within a short time, he became known more for his writing than for his music. The prodigy boy violinist named Nate had become Nathaniel Nevermore, “The Bard of Horror”, writing frightening tales about Medusas and Manicores; Hobgoblins and Hellhounds. Before long, Nathaniel’s dark stories spread throughout the Dragon Empire. His charisma and charming personality wooed women but also stirred emotions that made his nightmares more violent then ever.

As an adult,
Nathaniel has struggled with an internal conflict of good and evil. Most times, he could suppress his impulsive feelings by incorporating them into his poems, songs, or stories. He would create a fictional, larger-than-life character that acted these feelings out in the story. When Nathaniel wrote about it, his urges dispersed. However when those feelings became too overpowering and he felt like he was losing self-control, Nathaniel would hide himself behind a mask and breathe life into his creations. Before long, Nathaniel had blurred the line between reality and dark fantasy to the point that he suffered from a multiple personality disorder. His play “The Duke of Drakkenhall”, his short poem “The Ghost of Glitterhagen”, and his song “The Sinner of Santa Cora” are examples of popular fictional works come to life, as Nathaniel secretly disguised himself as these characters and released his nightmares on to others.


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