An enormous and fearless sword-for-hire who enjoys breaking both the body and spirit of others.


king_weapon.jpgBarbarian. Level 1

STR 20 CON 17 DEX 12 INT 14 WIS 14 CHA 20

AC 17 PH 15 MD 13

HIT POINTS 30, RECOVERIES 8 (1d12+3 per level)

ONE UNIQUE THING: Larger than a Half-Orc, he is the only human that the Orc Lord respects.

ICON RELATIONSHIPS: Orc Lord 1 positive, Elf Queen 1 negative Dwarf King 1 conflicted.

BACKGROUNDS: Famous Gladiator 4, War General 2, Survivalist 2


RACIAL POWER: Quick to Fight


TALENTS: Strongheart, Unstoppable, Violence

FEATS: Further Backgrounds, Improved Initiative

Equipment: Dire Bear full-length coat (killed and skinned himself), leather armor, Javelin

Magic Items: “Sepuk” (2-handed Orc axe)


TITAN.jpgTitan is a former War General for an Orc tribe and is a retired Gladiator Champion. Today, Titan makes a living as a Mercenary (or sellsword) who fights for whichever cause inspires him the most. He has a deep, burning hatred for the Elf Queen for reasons unknown to anyone but him. He is generally numb to the feelings of others, approaching situations analytically and without any remorse for loss of life. He is just as likely to help an Empire as he is to burn it down to the ground. He admires strength and boldness in all things, preferring his ale black and his women red!


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